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Who am I?

A guy from Canada with a love of retro pinups and old-fashioned glamour.

I love women. Bold, sexy, confident women who embrace a timeless notion of beauty. Women who wouldn't be caught dead without high heels and red lips.
These are my obsessions...

The Details of Fully-Fashioned Stockings

Here you can see the classic Cuban Heel FF stocking.  Notice the tiny dots along the calf, this is where stitches are dropped to help form the shape of the calf.  Notice the keyhole too, this as I explained is literally where the sewing machine foot is removed. and notice the multiple, metal garter or suspender clasps (suspender is what they call garters in Europe). The typical cheapo 4 strap garter belt you see today is basically for bedroom games only.  For REAL stockings you need a REAL garter belt with lots of metal clasps.  Some belts have up to 12 straps on them…it’s a stockings fetish thing.

People with an appreciation/fetish for authentic stockings LOVE to see the garter bumps showing through a tight skirt or dress.  It’s a little show for those of us who look…

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